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**Chunky Monkey Photography was voted into the top 4 for Best Family Photographer in 2009**
(Metroplex Baby and Kids)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010!

Well, we made it! 2010 is just around the corner! This has been a great year. This time last year I was making a BIG leap of faith while jumping into 2009. I had quit my full time job to pursue my photography full time. With the economy the way it was, to say the least my husband and I were a bit nervous but it was now or never. NOW could not have happened at a better time! Jan 1st came and brought a year of amazing things for my family and for Chunky Monkey. Its not to say that I personally did not go though some hard times, trials and tribulations, my family experienced some sad and trying times that will fall into 2010 but everything that we experienced has only made us smarter in so many ways and stronger than we could ever expect! Now looking into the face of 2010, there are a few obstacles that we will have to overcome but I am soooo excited! There are so many things happening with CMP and so many things that I can not wait to announce!

Now, I can say that obviously my year was not amazing all on my own. I had SO many supporters and so many people that helped me in so many ways- some that will never know their part in my great year! There are a few people that I believe deserve a moment in the spotlight!

Brian- My wonderful, supporting husband! Without you, my year would not have been so amazing. You have stood by me, supported me in every way possible! Though the all-nighters, every "hey, come look at this picture!", and "what do you think about this?" have been amazing and I can not thank you enough!

Nana and Papaw- My wonderful parents and the worlds most AMAZING babysitters! I think they had my daughter almost as much as I did at some points throughout the year. Every time I turned around and needed them, they were there! Kendyl loves her Nana and Papaw and I cant imagine my life without them! (Nor could I imagine my Christmas sessions without one the greatest Santas!!)

My Kiddos- WOW! You two are the reason I do this! To be able to stay home with Kendyl and watch everything she does! I felt like I missed out so much on her first year and now I am able to see every moment and every minute of her growing up and I love it! And Austin....well, lets just say his eyes never stuck in the back of his head from the rolling of the eyes that COULD have taken place EVERY time I said...LETS GO DO PICTURES!!! 12 years old dont like to do that...but he did...with a smile! And all the hours he would be visiting and playing with his sister for hours on end to help me get though some editing! I love you guys!

My MOST wonderful friends (aka: customers!)- Without you all this would not be possible. I love being a part of your families, watching your kiddos growing up and having a blast at each and every session! (Even the heat, cold, etc!!). Its amazing to be a part of it and I thank you so much! I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for us and meet all those additions that will grace us with their arrivals this year!!

Now- to end the year, I would LOVE to say that I have a picture of my kiddos ready to show off but I don't....sad face. My daughter is back in the stage of not smiling for a real picture so we will be working on that as her resolution for But, I do have a few pictures that I want to show off of someone that is just as near and dear to my heart. My bff of wow....over 20 years! We have seen each other though so much and this coming year is a very special year to her! She is getting married to a wonderful man! I got the privilege of spending a COLD, WET but FUN afternoon with them and getting some fun engagement pictures! Congratulations Taryn and guys are amazing and I wish nothing but the best for you guys! I can't wait to get my hands on those little ones that should be coming sooner than later (no pressure!!!). I love you guys!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CMP on Vacation

As of tomorrow- December 16th (Wednesday), CMP will be on vacation until Sunday, Dec 19th. Any and all phone calls, emails, etc will be returned on Monday, Dec 20th. If you are waiting on a CD from me and have not recieved an email saying its in the mail, it will be making the trip with me to Florida for completion and will be either mailed from there or mailed as soon as I get back. I believe everyone has recieved their 1-2 pictures emailed for Christmas cards as requested. I am looking forward to a bit of downtime and spending some well needed time with my WHOLE family in a condo on the beach (even if it is going to be FREEZING!!).
I hope everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY Happy New Year! This will def not be my last blog of the year so make sure you check back...I really want to show off all the photos I have not been able to blog in the past weeks due to trying to get everyone's photos edited and out on time!!
Thank you again to everyone!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

3month Session

Now....his mom will know what I mean when I say....this boy LOVES to be naked! :) We went out for his 3 month session and it was a bit chilly. The first hour or so he was dressed SOOO cute but he was NOT very happy. We still managed to get some cute pics inbetween the tears. Then we changed him into the santa outfit...he fell right to sleep so we played a bit with that. Then when mom was changing him to leave...he woke up, (nothing but diaper) and was ALL smiles. So...we tried to cover him with a blanket in hopes to keep him somewhat warm and he just loved chillin just like he was! Who would have known! Super cute baby and I can't wait to watch him grow....he is a First Year Baby!! :)

Happy 1st Birthday Ladybug!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!! I was invited to join in on this birthday party to celebrate Ms. Ladybug turning the BIG ONE! Her mom and dad get an amazing job with the party and everyone had fun!! The CD should be in the mailbox for them to see tomorrow if they have not already recieved it but I had to blog a few of my favs....there are many!
How can you not just fall in love with this face??!?!?!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chunky Monkey Photography Christmas Cards!!!!

The time has come for CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!
This year has been SOOOO crazy that I never had time to design Chunky Monkey Photographys Christmas Cards myself so I turned to a wonderful and talented customer of mine. Thank you Shara for your talent, time and help with this! She took the time to create 6 cards for CMP only!
(One is not posted...will be posted by tomorrow....making one quick change to it!)
How it works:
1. Pick the card you want
2. Pick your picture (s) that you want in your card. All of the images you recieve have IMG #'s on your CD's. You will just have to tell me which session it was and the IMG number(s). No need to send me an email with the pictures attached!
3. Tell me the names you would like on the cards
4. Confirm your address for delivery of your cards
5. Pay for your order on PAYPAL only within 24 hours. Once your order has been paid for, your christmas card order will be placed. They will print within 24 hours of the order being placed and ship directly to your home! If you have to pay by check, your order can not be placed until your payment has been recieved.
Ground Shipping for your order is $6. At the same time of placing your order for your Christmas Cards, you can also place an order for any prints you might want for Christmas presents or your own home. The shipping fee covers your WHOLE matter how little or how big! Faster shipping is available for a different price.

** Small changes can be made to the cards to match your needs...etc:
Merry Christmas can be changed to Happy Holidays**
PRICING: (If you need more than 100...let me know!)
If you have any questions, please let me know!!!
25 cards:
50 cards:
100 cards:
The cards below are designed to the 5x7 size
so if you choose the 4x8 it will alter the design a bit.
****If you would like a different card designed just for you......aside from the ones you see below...let me know! The cost for that design is $50 and then the cost of cards****
If you have any questions, please let me know!!!!!!!
Please email me to order your christmas card:

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Mini's....Day 1 Previews

November 14th Christmas Mini Previews are HERE!!!
Thank you to everyone that came out and made this mini session totally amazing! The kiddos all did great and I love ALL the pictures. I hope everyone had fun....reindeer, sledding and of course with Santa! Your CD's are on the way! I am already coming up with new ideas and big, fun, exciting things to add for next year...just wait!!!!
Now...for the Nov 15th families...they will be up before this weekend...
Nov 22nd...not too much longer after that!

Happy Bday Little Man!

So...another 1st Year Planner graduates....into a handsome little man! We went out and had a lot of fun during his 1st year session. He has such a cute personality and those eyes...WOW! Thanks for allowing me to follow you though to your first birthday and I hope to celebrate many more in the future!