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(Metroplex Baby and Kids)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ambers Cuties....AW!!

Back to blogging!! My fav thing to do....I love to show off all my cuties. And these next two are no different! We had a blast running around during their session. I tried to get these edited and posted before vacation but there ended up being soooo many cute ones that I did not want to rush though them. Mom, here is a small preview of whats on the CD! I hope it was worth the wait....I totally think so! But, how could it not be....look at the first picture below! heart just melts! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two little cuties!

Look at these two cuties!! We had a fun session out in Dallas this past weekend and got some adorable pictures! The baby is just 6 weeks old and was a complete dream! The big sister had other things on her mind than taking pictures (like most her age!) but I captured some really cute moments from her! Mom, the CD is on the way and I hope you love the pictures. I can't wait to see you guys again soon!

~Introducing Baby V~

As most know...newborn sessions can be difficult. Why you ask? Because they run the session. They tell you when they want to eat, sleep (or not sleep) and cry. This little guy did just that but he never wanted to sleep!! As long as he was being held (which I had NO PROBLEM doing!!) he was happy. You put him down, he cried. Broke my heart. I felt like I was torturing him! But, we did manage to get a few pictures by himself. Other than that, we got some awesome pictures with mom and dad!! Here is just a few! Sumer and Chad, I can't wait to watch this little guy grow up and yes...we will be friends..he just does not know that yet!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ms. E's 9 month session....Oh So Cute!

I have been soooo crazy busy that blogging has not happened!! I am sorry all the moms who are waiting for the sneak peek. I am going to be out all day tomorrow with shoots and a wedding but I promise they will all be up before Sunday night! All the CD's are burnt and will be in the mail by Monday! Anyways, here is one of my sessions from this past week. I have told mommy(x2) that I would get them up and she is anxiously awaiting...with good reason!! This was Baby E's 9 month session. She did great for it being so hot! So did mom....who is due early September! Don't you just LOVE the family picture!!! Thanks guys....I can't wait to see Ms. E again in a few weeks and to meet Baby E very soon!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Madd Hatter Tea Party Preview Pictures

Okay everyone...he is a few "preview" pictures for the MADD HATTER TEA PARTY. I am waiting on a few props to come in....especially my "looking glass" and my other "funky table" but I wanted to make sure I got atleast a picture up before I left for vacation. I will have other hats as well (as they all wear fun hats in the movie) but these girls choose the "birthday hats" to celebrate the "UNbirthday"! Hope you enjoy. I am very excited about seeing everyone and sharing some fun moments!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My little one...well, not so little anymore

So this morning, I was setting up my studio for a quick session and my daughter wanted to cheese. Those pictures to come in another blog. I decided to go out and scope out the areas for the tea party minis (not decided on quite yet) and decided to make the best of it. She SAT STILL and let me do her hair and was excited about getting dressed up. Then I pulled out her cowboy boots...they NEVER left her feet. So....on the way there she rode in a diaper cover and boots...when she got out of the car...the first few pics is what I got. She might be getting tooo old for no shirt pics but she is still my baby and she is a keeper. Then we went on to play in the is growing up SOO fast and it makes me happy and sad all in the same breath. I am just amazed at how she learns and changes each and every day. Anyways, hope you enjoy. I am working on the "morning" session and will post those shortly...they are pretty awesome their own way!
This first one is my ALL time fav of her...its going on my wall!

Cowboy Up Pictures from LAST YEAR!

A few people have asked for "preview" pictures for the COWBOY UP session.
Here are some from last year's sessions!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

~Round two with Mr. C~

Good Sunday evening to everyone! I have been trying to post since Friday night but my weekend was sooo full that it just never happened! So..I had 10 mins free tonight (before I turn myself in to the pillow that is calling my name) and wanted to share two of my favs from a session last week. We had gone out a few weeks ago and did some pictures but he was not feeling well. Got some ADORABLE pics but you could just tell he felt bad. So, we stopped the torture and decided to meet again once he felt better. After tubes, he has been healthy! So...out again we went. Still not a lot of smiles but this time it was because he was soooo busy with everything around him, he could careless to look up at me! But still...some cute pics. We ended up doing some "baby bottom" pics and of got an extra shower that day! You gotta love little boys! Anyways, mom...sorry for making you wait though the weekend. The CD is on the way tomorrow and here are just two of many favs on the cd!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whats coming up?? A MUST read!!!

I want to thank everyone who came out for the 4th of July Mini earlier in June and I am looking forward to seeing everyone who has signed up for the BEACH FUN MINI email with all those details will be going out this weekend!

Just wanted to update a few things and tell you whats coming up in the near and distance future!

CMP Vacation: I will be on vacation from July 21st until July 28th. My little brother is getting married in FLORIDA so we will be on a plane to celebrate the BIG occassion, visiting the beach and DISNEYWORLD!!! I will have limited email access and phone access the first few days but will be unreachable FRIDAY the 24th-Tuesday 28th. I will return all emails and phone calls on Wednesday.

FUTURE MINI SESSIONS: I have the WHOLE year planned out already!! A must when trying to book regular sessions and we are getting into the BUSY part of the season....getting family pictures done for the holidays! Here is a sneak peek of whats coming up!

August Mini Session Announcment:PRINCESS MINI SESSIONS are BACK and in a BIG way!! The theme: THE MADD HATTER TEA PARTY. Everything upside down, rightside up and mixed up! Just to drop the dates for you guys...they will be held August 15th (Dallas area) and 16th (Fort Worth area). This mini session is soooo popular we will have a location on the DALLAS AND Fort Worth side of the metroplex just like last year (minus the rain!!). Locations will be disclosed once booked. I will have ALL the pettiskirts, tutu's, bows, hats, and the crazy tea party set for the pictures (mixed matched and colorful for sure!). All you need to bring is your princess ready to rock! This years set up will be OUT OF THIS WORLD! The tea party of the year! These will be 30 minute sessions and will be $55 for each mini session scheduled and are due within one week of booking. You will get 10-15 pictures on your CD along with the print release!! Just for those who came last year...they will NOT be held at the same places! If you are interested in booking...please email me your top 3 hours of choice and I will get you scheduled! I will be doing a preview session hopefully before I go out of town on vacation and getting pictures up!!

September Mini Session Announcment: COWBOY MINI SESSION is BACK by Overwhelming popular demand! I am looking into a REAL RANCH or HORSE Farm to hold this at. It will be on the Fort Worth/Grapevine side of town. It will be held ONE DAY only....September 13th. These will be 30 minute sessions and you get 10-15 pictures on the CD. This is GREAT for BOYS AND GIRLS!!! Bring your little COWBOYS & COWGIRLS! Props will be available for use! Only $55. If you are interested in booking...please email me your top 3 hours of choice and I will get you scheduled!

**I am going to start booking for both of these mini sessions due to that they will fill up fast. PLEASE note that payment is due when booking! You will have one week for your session fee to be recieved if done by mail to secure your spot. If you need extra time due to a special circumstance, please just let me know! If you choose to do paypal, a $5 paypal fee will be added to your total. You can always send a check or money order too!

** FAMILY SESSIONS for the HOLIDAYS! Yes..its time to think about those!! Christmas is right around the corner! I am booking sessions right now though NOVEMBER. September, October and November will be FULL sooner than you think! I am planning a FAMILY MINI SESSION for November but it will be a SMALL one. There will be LIMITED spots due to November will also hold my BIG CHRISTMAS MINI SESSION....which this year will be AWESOME. More to come on that later! So..if you are needing to do a family session for those christmas presents....let me know and we will get you guys on the calendar! OR looking for a holiday gift...why not a CMP Gift Certificate!! They never expire!

I think that is enough to overwhelm everyone!! Please don't forget to check out my! Also...PLEASE don't forget about any 2010 SENIORS who might be needing their SENIOR pictures done!!! Senior Package!!! Talk to everyone soon!!


Introducing Baby Jack (by his "Aunt" Heather)

I would like to introduce baby Jack! A bit heavy post only because I can't pick my favs. This is the 3rd son for one of my long time best friend Kassy. They live out near Tyler so another BFF (Aunt Nini as Kendyl calls her) and I went out for the day to visit and meet the new little one! My daughter went with us and just LOVED the baby to death. I was afraid to take my eyes off her cause she wanted to hold him the whole time...just like she holds her babies! Not! Of course there was not doubt that we would be doing pictures!! Most moms get nervous about taking their babies outside to do pictures but Kassy is a PRO at the mom thing and let me have sooo much fun with him. Of course he was perfect.....was awake at the beginning but still laid very still! Then he drifted off to sleep and stayed that way until we were done! His two older brothers (who ADORE him) did great! They were great sports when it came their time to do pictures. Let me tell have a picture with my children like you will see just priceless, and prob the last time they will ever be this still! Anyways, to sum it up...the day was perfect, it was great to be able to spend time with some great friends, and we are soooo happy to welcome Jack into this world! Kassy, I hope you enjoy the pictures. There are a lot more...just picked well, my top 10! Hugs and Kisses to all the boys! Add this to my all time fav list!
I think this might be my all time fav picture...just sooo simple and perfect
Daddy's Little Fireman

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tana and Tim's E Session...Unbelievable!!!!

I know I say this every time but I LOVE LOVE LOVE engagement sessions. I don't know if its the excitment in the relationship, the googly eye love you see or the unbelieveable REAL love you see in the couples I meet! The one below has ALL the above for sure! We had a blast during their session. Tana and Tim, you guys are a great couple and I wish you all the best. Have a great time in Florida at your wedding! I can't wait to see you guys again.....when its baby time!! Congrats you guys!