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I am a: Mommy.Wife.Friend.Daughter.Sister.Aunt.BestFriend.Neighbor.Photographer.

If you choose Chunky Monkey Photography to preserve your memories, you will not be disappointed. Each moment, each smile, even each tear is captured for you to remember just like it was yesterday.

**Chunky Monkey Photography was voted into the top 4 for Best Family Photographer in 2009**
(Metroplex Baby and Kids)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Waiting on Baby ~M~

I LOVE August and September!! Why you might be asking...its hot and humid! I love those months because its a BUSY BUSY month for maternity and newborn pictures. All those winter months cause for a boom about this time. This little M....should be making his big debut in just a few short weeks. I can't wait to go back out and meet him in person. His mom and dad are great and are going to be awesome parents! My fav all time picture from this session was from when we stepped into his nursey. I asked them to do what they normally do....and they picked up a book and started to read to baby M. How sweet is that!!! I love it! See you guys in a few weeks, I can't wait for that call that he is here!

Happy 1st Birthday Ms. ~L~

When you meet a child you can always ask them what they want to be when they grow usually get "fireman", "police man", "mommy", or "doctor". Obviously, toddlers can't answer that question quite yet but I can put money on what this little girl "should be" when she grows up. There will be a spot for her on the sprint team at her high school! She is FAST!!!! I had a hard time keeping up with her. Between the laughing, tickeling, chasing, singing and running...we managed to capture Ms. L...well, being Ms. L! She is super adorable and I can't wait to see her again soon! Today is actually her 1st birthday (And her moms too!!!) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!

Ms. ~A~......any smiles in there?

Meet Ms. ~A~
Isn't she just Adorable!! She def made me (and mom too!!) work for some smiles and we captured a few of them! But in my opinion...she does not even have to smile to make the picture perfect. I think my fav one is the one of her playing with the frames. Many of those takes, mom was holding the frame for her but for this one...she just held on and it was just the best timing on hers and my part. She is going to be a heartbreaker (along with her older brother who I met a few months ago...Ms. A was only 4 months old then) for sure! Thanks mom for coming out and meeting was a lot of fun. See you guys next time!

Little J.....not such a baby anymore!

Little J is 9 months and has been one of my 1st year babies!! I have said it a million times but I LOVE watching these children grow up. Its such an awesome experiance. Each time I see Little J, his personality is changing, he is smiling, talking, standing up...all those milestones. We had a blast out last weekend with just Little J and his mom! Dad and big brothers were hanging out at the house doing "MAN" stuff! Mom, I think he did GREAT and I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks for the cowboy pics...before we know it...his 1st birthday will be here!

Family ~G's~ new perfect addition!

This wonderful family invited me to come meet their new buddle of joy!! She was just about a week old and was just precious! She did great on letting me do pretty much whatever I wanted to do! Her two older brothers (watch out future boyfriends.....) are just adorable. They were very protective over her and I just love all the pictures of them just "loving and kissing" all over her! Its just priceless. Anyways, without further interruption......

Winters Murals and More...Check it out!

Good afternoon! Beware, this is the first of MANY blogs for this afternoon and evening!! I have a lot of sessions to blog and catch up on sharing with everyone! But....before we get to those sessions, I wanted to share a great talent from one of my good friends. Her name is Rebecca Winters and her company is WINTERS MURALS & MORE!!!! She is a art teacher by day and a mommy by night! She is a TALENTED & AMAZING artist! She can paint a mural (or whatever you need painted) just about anywhere! I can only wait until I have a house that I can have her come in a customize my kiddo's rooms and decorate my house the way I have always dreamed it to be! She has some amazing (and funny if I might add) stories to go along with all of her examples below. So....if you have always wanted something special in your children's room, or even have a store front you wanted to add something extra to, give her a call! You will not be disappointed!
Take a look at her website:
Her email is if you would like some more information!

My princess!!

So this past weekend, Kendyl had her first "photoshoot" for a line of children's clothing. Cotton Candy Shop made her an adorable jumper and an awesome bow! After her quick photoshoot, my mother and I took Kendyl around to "catch up" on her pictures. As many of you know from following my blog, my daughter likes to "play hard to get" when it comes to taking pictures. But, to say the least.....the 30 mins that we spent playing in the square was unbelieveable! She did great! I look at these pictures and I get a teary eyed....she has grown up so much. Where did my baby go? Her eyes are just magical and her smile is just priceless. I have already uploaded over 75 pictures to my print lab and am going to have a very difficult time picking which ones go where in my home! Anyways, sorry for the overload of pictures....she just did so well and I am a proud mama!!! I love you baby girl!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chunky Monkey Photography...All the guts and glory!

Summer is ending and we are all welcoming in the cooler weather (waiting patiently!!!). I have met a lot of new people and made many new friends over the past few months! With all the new faces and introductions, I thought I would repost this...just so that the new families and the families that come in the near future can know who is behind Chunky Monkey and what Chunky Monkey stands for! This way when it comes to picking the photographer to capture your families memories, you know alittle bit more about who I am!
My name is Heather Bush. I am a wife to a great husband who has supported my dream every step of the way. I am a mother of two...of course they keep me on my toes. My stepson is 11 and my daughter is 21/2 (tear). She is my inspiration and the backbone behind what I do. She even gave me the reasoning behind my name...she is my Chunky Monkey! Without my family, I could not do what I do on a daily basis and I thank them for that!
Many people ask me how I came about doing photography. I am proud to say that I am self taught. I have always loved photography, (hence the photobook after photobook on my book shelf) and found that it was something that I enjoyed doing and was good at. It was something that I could get up in the morning and not dread going to work to do....I love meeting all the new people and most of all, playing with those adorable kiddos!!
When I started Chunky Monkey Photography, I was working full time in the corporate world. I did both for just about a year. In December 2008, I had created a business and a name for myself. I quit and have been full time in 2009. The best decision that I ever made! I have more time with my daughter, more time with my family and I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! Over the past 1.5 year, I have gone though many exciting moments, sad moments, AWWW moments and even a few editing all nighters (and there will be many more to come). BUT, every single moment has been totally worth it. Next to my daughter, the most rewarding thing I could have done with my life!
What do you get when you DO choose CMP?
On top of the fun and exciting pictures, CD with print release and a relaxed photography session…you get a photographer who is ready to go have a lot of fun while capturing those priceless moments in your life! You get a photographer who is dedicated to your family and what your family is all about, you are not just “another session” on my books. I want to get to know each one of you, what makes you smile, what makes those eyes light up. After all, that is what makes a great photograph. It’s not always the location or what’s in the background. It is ALL about who is in the picture! After your session, I will work diligently in editing your families memories. I know how important getting the pictures so I work hard to meet my deadline of one week to get your session completed and a preview up on my blog! Then the CD will be mailed to you and you should receive it within just a few days!
What you DO NOT get when you choose CMP?
Rushed sessions, long wait times for your CD’s, any gossip, drama or negative remarks on my sites from me or anyone else. You do not get pushed to someone else to take care of my business for me; I am here for you and any and all questions, concerns, thoughts, opinions, expressions, etc! I want to keep your experience a positive and a happy one! If for any reason at any time, you experience any of the above from or about Chunky Monkey Photography, please let me know!
Why are my prices so low compared to other photographers?
First and foremost, I try to relate to all the moms out there that want to get great memories of their families at a price that is reasonable. I want to reach those parents who want to capture the memories throughout the year, not just once a year! That is why I do the mini sessions that I do, at a price that makes it just right. That is why my regular session fee is what it is….something that everyone can be a part of! You should not have to break the bank to capture your special memories…and there are a lot of them!
I want to thank everyone who takes the time to see what Chunky Monkey Photography is all about. I hope one day soon, I can get to know you and your family and capture all those silly smiles and eskimo kisses!
Thank you for choosing Chunky Monkey Photography!!

Beautiful Bride

So, most of my days are spent chasing after little ones, cuddling newborns and meeting new mommies to be! But I also get to spend time with "princesses" as all my little clients called them when we pass a bride during their session! Brides are so much fun because we can take a step back into the "elegant" part of life. Her dress is just beautiful and I am sooo looking forward to the wedding in September (one of 3....I will be a crazy busy woman!). Sandra, you look awesome and even though it was swelting hot and you had a crowd of admirers, you did GREAT!!!!!