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I am a: Mommy.Wife.Friend.Daughter.Sister.Aunt.BestFriend.Neighbor.Photographer.

If you choose Chunky Monkey Photography to preserve your memories, you will not be disappointed. Each moment, each smile, even each tear is captured for you to remember just like it was yesterday.

**Chunky Monkey Photography was voted into the top 4 for Best Family Photographer in 2009**
(Metroplex Baby and Kids)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I had the honor of taking SPOUTS Preschool Spring Pictures! All the kids did great and the pictures turned out wonderful! Here are just a few pictures from last week! I can't wait to go back in the fall for some more fun!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Bluebonnets...still on for today *SO FAR*

For all scheduled for the bluebonnets today...SUNDAY_ APRIL 26th. We are still on unless the weather takes a big turn for the worse. Right now the wind is very strong but on this side of town, there is no rain (unlike Dallas side of town...some rain over there...). I will be getting out to the field at 130pm today. I will NOT have email access from 1pm-5pm today so if you need me, have a question about the weather, etc...please just call me cell. 817-714-9308. If I don't answer...I am taking leave me a message and I will call you right back. Thanks!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Peek for Melissa!!

Just a quick peek for Melissa.....they are cuties!!! I just picked two to edit real fast for you tonight. There are some real cute ones to come!! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~April Showers...Bring May Flowers..and a lot of new exciting news from Chunky Monkey!!!

Good evening (or morning) from Chunky Monkey Photography!!
I hope everyone is doing well and having a great week!
Just a quick reminder on what's coming up, a CONTEST with a FREE SESSION along with a BIG JUNE MINI SESSION ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
**May 16th**ME & MINE MINI SESSIONI have 2 sessions left for this mini session. I know that the times I have available are not working for some families due to other events going on that day! PLEASE let me know if you are interested in this mini session and if I have enough interest, I will be adding another day! This is going to be at the Gaylord Texan Hotel (NO RAINOUTS!! ITS INSIDE!!). There is a $10 parking fee at the hotel. You get 30 mins of session time and 10-15 pictures on a CD for just $50. This is concentrating on MOMMY AND ME & DADDY AND ME pictures for Mothers and Fathers Day! Yes...we can and will be doing BOTH during the session! You don't have to book two sessions to cover MOMMY AND DADDY!!!
Captivation Boudoir SessionThere was a lot of interest from the past session in January. Please email me ASAP if you are interested in the one taking place in May! This is great for husbands, soon to be husbands, wanna be husbands or just YOU!! Only $100 for 10-15 pictures on the CD. This will be taking place in a Fort Worth Hotel!
REGULAR SESSIONS: ONLY $125!Right now I am booking into June and July! I still have a few spots in May available but not many!! Turn around time is still just about a week! The best of the best times and days (mornings during the weekends) go fast so email me to book your summer session!
**CMP ON VACATION**I will be on vacation to Las Vegas (a mini one..can't leave the little one for too long) from May 5th-7th. I will have very limited access to emails and will not be returning phone calls during that time.
**CONTEST!!**I am also in the process of looking for new and exciting spots to shoot families, children, etc! IF you have seen some place that you say to yourself...."That would be perfect for pictures" email me your ideas. I will be collecting emails and will be putting ALL in a drawing for a FREE SESSION in my new fav spot!!!! ANY ideas are welcome....I am trying to think OUT THE BOX! Old, antique, funky, bright, broken, new, shiny...etc! I will be taking some time when I get back from vacation to scope out my own ideas but thought I would turn to you guys. Come on guys....FREE SESSIONS...Just for ideas! :)
And now for the BIG JUNE MINI SESSION ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! (email and blog group gets this news first!!!)JUNE 20th (Saturday only) from 8am-6pm in Grapevine, TX (Downtown)15 min sessions...10-15 pictures on CDOnly $50 (for 2 children...each additional child is $10)I will have some example pictures up soon...hopefully before my mini vacation. This is one session I am sure my daughter won't mind modeling for me on!What's the theme, lets bring summer in's....POPSICLES AND ICE CREAM!!!Come let the kiddos enjoy some ice cream and popsicles and do what they do best...GET MESSY! Popsicles, Ice Cream and toppings will be provided!(Please make sure to bring a change of clothes...the point is for them to be kids and get messy....)EMAIL ME to book a mini session!!!! These will go fast! Please include your top three times that will work for you during the day!
**BLUEBONNETS..ONE LAST THING**ALL my families that were rescheduled for this coming Sunday afternoon....there is rain in the forecast. I will be out shooting a wedding this Saturday morning and a session that afternoon so I will be unreachable until around 5pm. I will be sending an email out on Saturday night if rain is going to be a problem. If you do not receive an email from me, we will continue as planned unless Sunday afternoon shows differently. Fingers crossed...NO RAIN!!!
Alright, I think that is all the news for now...I am sure there will be more to come soon!!!
Each of my customers mean so much to me, without you guys.... Chunky Monkey Photography wouldn't be the same!!! Have a GREAT week and stay dry this weekend!Heather

Miss C's 1st Birthday...and it was COLD again!

Happy 1st Birthday to Miss C!!! We went out this past Sunday morning for birthday pictures and it was yet again COLD!!!! The bottom two pictures shows what she thought about the cold weather...NOT impressed! She did great though! She LOVED wearing the pettiskirt....only wish it was warmer to get more pictures in it..:( Maybe next time it will be much warmer and we can play princess again! Thank you for coming out and braving the cold with me!

Monday, April 20, 2009

One word describes it....Perfect!

Perfect...thats the word that comes to mind when I look at these pictures. Ms. A was just alittle over a week old when we did out session. She was very much awake during most of the session but after acouple diaper changes, an oops on daddy, a feeding and some lovin, she gaves us some amazing pictures! I hope you feel all warm inside like I do once you look at the pictues below.

Baby J....going on 4 months!

I say it again, there is nothing better than a baby than a naked baby! They are just sooo cute. Mom and I had fun just letting him be himself for his 4 month session. He has changed sooo much since his newborn session its unbelievable! I can't wait till our next session...this time will be with clothes on! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st Bluebonnet Sessions....preview is up!

First bluebonnet sessions was this past Tuesday and they turned out GREAT!!! I am soo sad that today's had to be rescheduled but rain and mud don't mix with kids and pictures. :( Take a look below...all the kids did great and I can't wait for this next Friday and Sunday for more bluebonnet fun!!! I will have the CD's completed and in the mail on Monday or Tuesday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Faith, Hope and Love...the perfect theme for a perfect wedding!

I first met Mr. and Mrs. about a year ago...we had a great family session. They were a lot of fun...climbing trees, rolling in the grass! I was blessed when they asked me to be a part of their special day. It ended up being the Saturday in March that we saw a BIT of snow...just a bit but some nonetheless. BUT, snow or no snow, the wedding was perfect, the reception was a lot of fun and in the end...we announce to you....Mr. and Mrs. Staggs! Congratulations and thank you for allowing Diane and myself to be a part of your day!!! Your CD is on the way...with only over 700 photos (color, black and white and some extra special touches!)...hope you don't mind! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

ME & MINE MINI SESSION....Only 3 spots left!!!!

ME AND MINE MINI SESSION.....Only 3 spots left!

Spring is here!! Oh..I am sooo excited!
Beautiful weather, sunny days and some new and exciting mini sessions!!!
May's mini session will be on May 16th at the Texas Gaylord Hotel
An beautiful inside location (just incase of rain) with tons of options for some GREAT pictures!
So....the theme for May's mini session is:
Me & Mine
This mini session will focus on Mom & Me and Dad & Me pictures
to celebrate Mothers and Fathers day!
We will focus on what makes you wake up every morning...those beautiful, energetic children!!! We will capture all those eskimo kisses, soft tender moments that you experiance while chasing the little ones around!
Mini Session Details:
~30 min session
~10-15 edited pictures
~Print release
Only $50 (due when booking to secure your spot)
Email me at to book.
First appointment will be at 8am and last appointment will be at 6pm
When emailing, please make sure to list your top three times!

Rain and bluebonnets don't mix...atleast not when trying to take pictures!

Good evening to all!!!

It is with sadness that I write this email to let you know that due to the weather that is headed our way, we will have to reschdule the bluebonnets. Believe me, this is the last thing that I want to do because I know everyone was excited about coming out...including me!! is the plan: PLEASE read all of the below to ensure your spot is rescheduled! I will have TWO days open to reschedule everyone for this Saturday's bluebonnets. One will be a weekday, one will be a weekend afternoon. PLEASE reschedule for a weekday if AT ALL POSSIBLE so that the weekend spot will be left for those who can not get off work for pictures. If I need to do another weekend afternoon, we will make it happen..I promise!

WEEKDAY: FRIDAY---APRIL 24th...times will be all day (Starting at 8am going until 5pm)WEEKEND: SUNDAY---APRIL 26th...these sessions will start at 2pm and go until 6 if needed To reschedule, PLEASE email me or call me at 8177149308. If you email or have to leave a message (incase everyone calls at the same you need to leave your TOP 3 times FOR THE DATE OR DATES that you are available so that I can move everyone around and get you guys put into spots as quickly as possible. I will email everyone the new schedules as soon as I hear from everyone and get everything on the schedule.

PLEASE do not hesistate to give me a call this evening...I will be up until late editing pictures so you will not be calling toooo late by anymeans. I will be at a craft fair tomorrow all day but will be checking my messages and filling up the times as well as checking emails thoughout the day. If you know or are coming out with friends, please communicate this email with everyone to ensure everyone knows the plans. IF I do not hear from someone by Friday evening, I will begin calling them personally.

Thank you!

Heather Bush

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~Happy Birthday D & D~

My Saturday was a pretty awesome day! This was my last session of the day and it turnd out perfect! We were there to celebrate the twin's 1st birthdays and capture a few family shots too! The two older sisters are so easy to work with and were a lot of fun. The twins were awesome. They started out calm, cool and together...(not many twins do usually goes one way...the other goes the other a while, they got their own energy and started to do their own thing but they always came back to each other! They are just adorable! Here is a sneak peek for you guys! A BEAUTIFUL family!

Smiles all around from Ms. E!

Ms. E and me have a very special bond! I have been photographing her since she was in the womb! She is 6 months old now and just a precious gem! I was soo excited this past Saturday to spend time with mom, dad and E out at the Arbotrium. She gave me a perfect session...smiles all around! I am proud of you Ms. E!! I can't wait to see what you will learn before your next session! Oh and dad are expecting a new little one later this year..looking forward to photographing big sister enjoying her new little brother or sister!! :)