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(Metroplex Baby and Kids)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holidays and CD times!

I hope everyone had a GREAT thanksgiving and a fun and safe Black Friday! :)
We actually took to the streets with everyone else yesterday morning and had a lot of fun.
Next year....I will plan a bit better!
Just an update on CD's......I am working on them as quickly as I can. I am hoping to have all the CD's from the Christmas Mini on the 14th out by Monday or Tuesday at the latest with the 15th to follow by the weekend. The 22nd will not be far behind. I have regular sessions to get edited to in the middle of the mini's so I thank EVERYONE for their patience and understanding. I was going to work though the Thanksgiving holiday but my husband BANNED me from my computer! LOL.....Thank you for that honey...I enjoyed my time with ALL of my family!
I hope everyone has a great weekend and a great week coming up!
Christmas time is here! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mr. C is now the BIG ONE!

Mr. C is now 1! Happy Birthday Big Man!
His mom and dad might look at these pictures and let a small laugh out......we had so much fun trying to drive the golf carts, stay out of the mud, keep C standing up, staying out the sun, keeping shoes on, trying to make him laugh and smile...the list could go on and on. This little guy may not stay still but he still takes some awesome pictures! See you soon Mr. C!

Muddy Muddy Muddy

This session could be descibed with many fun words but I think mom will agree with me the best word to descibe it would be MUDDY! This session took place right after ALL the rain we had gotten and no matter where we was wet and muddy. Especially the PUMPKIN PATCH. We still had a blast and everyone went home happy!

Family of 5

WOW...are these kiddos not just adorable? I know I use that word a lot and with good reason but these three are over the top! Their mom and dad aren't too bad We had a lot of fun playing on the farm and I had a lot of fun with each kiddo individually. I really enjoy getting to know what makes each one laugh.
The baby of the family just stole my heart...and she knows it!

All smiles!

Another great family with two adorable girls!!
They were all smiles and so much fun. I love being able to capture that time between sibilings when they adore each other and these two did that to a tee!

Newborns run the show!

So, the most important thing to remember while doing a newborn session is that the newborn...well, controls the session! This little one was a cutie...and so was her big sister. Big sister was VERY unsure of what I was doing there and why I was messing with her little sister. Little sister was VERY unsure of what I was doing there and why I was messing with her. All I could do was laugh....and keep snapping. We caught some cute images to freeze this moment in time. Thanks mom and dad for hanging in there with me!

Big Brother and Soon to be little brother

I met this family for the first time about 8 months ago. At the end of their session, they shared with me the good news that they had another little one on the way! We met a few weeks ago to capture them as a family with the "baby bump" before that little miracle made HIS way into the world! Soon to be big brother is a busy busy bee (cute one too!) but he LOVES his momma and dadda! It was a lot of fun!

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! This session was Birthday girl wanted NOTHING to do with taking pictures...yet she took some amazing ones! There were even a few times she had a total meltdown.....but she is still just as adorable and perfect as when smiling. She had a lot of fun tearing into the cake too!

Trains, Acorns and Laughs!

The reason I love what I do is because all the great kiddos I get to work with. They get to be themselves, have fun and enjoy themselves. These two were no exception! They played trains, counted acorns and even wrestled for a bit! We laughed the whole time. There are sooo many cute images I had a hard time picking just a few!

Amazing Family!

This family was awesome! They had just welcomed their new little man into the world just a few short weeks ago. He was also very alert for most of the session....and very attached to that paci! But with some tricks and love....he finally was out and we had some fun with him. Oh yeah...don't forget his most adorable (Will be making the girls giggle soon) very amazing older brother! You have two great boys mom and dad.....amazing job!

Baby B....sweet and ALERT!

Meet Ms. B.....sweet, beautiful, WIDE awake baby girl! I had the honor of spending a few hours with her, her mom and her sweet cousin. She started off fast asleep so I got a good selection of sleeping shots but it was short lived and she woke right up and was very alert the whole time I was there. Enjoy!