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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rain and bluebonnets don't mix...atleast not when trying to take pictures!

Good evening to all!!!

It is with sadness that I write this email to let you know that due to the weather that is headed our way, we will have to reschdule the bluebonnets. Believe me, this is the last thing that I want to do because I know everyone was excited about coming out...including me!! is the plan: PLEASE read all of the below to ensure your spot is rescheduled! I will have TWO days open to reschedule everyone for this Saturday's bluebonnets. One will be a weekday, one will be a weekend afternoon. PLEASE reschedule for a weekday if AT ALL POSSIBLE so that the weekend spot will be left for those who can not get off work for pictures. If I need to do another weekend afternoon, we will make it happen..I promise!

WEEKDAY: FRIDAY---APRIL 24th...times will be all day (Starting at 8am going until 5pm)WEEKEND: SUNDAY---APRIL 26th...these sessions will start at 2pm and go until 6 if needed To reschedule, PLEASE email me or call me at 8177149308. If you email or have to leave a message (incase everyone calls at the same you need to leave your TOP 3 times FOR THE DATE OR DATES that you are available so that I can move everyone around and get you guys put into spots as quickly as possible. I will email everyone the new schedules as soon as I hear from everyone and get everything on the schedule.

PLEASE do not hesistate to give me a call this evening...I will be up until late editing pictures so you will not be calling toooo late by anymeans. I will be at a craft fair tomorrow all day but will be checking my messages and filling up the times as well as checking emails thoughout the day. If you know or are coming out with friends, please communicate this email with everyone to ensure everyone knows the plans. IF I do not hear from someone by Friday evening, I will begin calling them personally.

Thank you!

Heather Bush

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