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(Metroplex Baby and Kids)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are you Chunky Monkey's Biggest Fan? CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Alright, I said to make sure you put on your creative thinking hats is why!


After my fun session with the 3 Chunky Monkey's (pic posted here on post right below this one), I thought how much fun would it be to see you guys come up with a way to represent Chunky Monkey!

Here are the details:

Come up with a Cute, Creative, Fun, Imaginative way to represent Chunky Monkey Photography. Using your kiddos, family, pets, etc, take a candid picture and EMAIL it to me. Do not post them on Facebook. Think fun, playful, excited!!!

Once I receive everyone's by the specified date, I will upload them all to a Facebook album for voting. You will want to have all your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc vote for the best creative idea (yours of course!)! They will have to be fans on Facebook in order to vote. Persons can only vote 1 time! The winning picture will walk away with a handful of fun prizes!

What do you win????

~4 FREE MINI SESSIONS to be used in 2010

~A FREE Memory Album Book filled with pictures from ALL of your 2010 sessions (Free mini sessions and any other sessions that you have participated in for 2010).

~And we will "reenact" your idea in a fun picture to be used as a Chunk Monkey Business Card later this year!!! Your family, kids, pets being the STARS of the show!!!

WHEW...thats a lot of stuff to win!!!

Here are the date deadlines:

ALL pictures must be emailed to
m no later than Feb 14th *Sunday*. Pictures will be uploaded to facebook on Feb 15th *Monday* morning for voting to start. Voting will last 1 week until Midnight! The winner will be announced on 23rd *Tuesday*!!

Any questions, thoughts, feedback...let me know!!!


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