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Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby M......brings August showers!

My session with Baby M was quite exciting! Other than the 99.9% NO sleeping rule he followed (lol) and the learning to roll over during our session....he also gave me a few showers! People might think I am crazy but I just LOVE newborn sessions! Some might think they are easy to shoot...well, newborns are just the opposite of easy. They take some patience, love and working with to get them to lay just right and all the other makings that go into the newborn session. But the end results always turn out beautiful and I always have fun playing with the little ones. Not to mention, I get to meet all these great mommies! Baby M...I look forward to seeing you and your mommy again soon...hopefully we can meet up when dad can come along too!
Happy Labor Day to all!

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