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**Chunky Monkey Photography was voted into the top 4 for Best Family Photographer in 2009**
(Metroplex Baby and Kids)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BIG PRINTS at a LOW price...check this out!!!!

As many of you know....all my sessions come with the CD so that you can have the printing rights! Print how you want, when you want, where you want! BUT...I do have a photography lab that I use for my prints, business cards and for any clients that wants professional lab prints! They are awesome. At the end of October (Halloween day), Chunky Monkey Photography will be at the Colleyville Heritage High School Craft Fair. Since I do not have a studio (yet...), I do not have a need for large prints for display. But for the craft show, I will need a few of all different sizes to display to everyone. So....that means that I come to you guys....and you guys get a GREAT deal! Here is what I need:
If you were wanting prints of your little ones/families/wedding pictures and have not ordered or printed them yet...this is your chance to get some some amazing prints at a VERY LOW cost! If you are interested, let me know what sizes you were wanting and of which images. You get them at the following prices.
**The kicker is that I will hold onto them and use them for the craft show. After the craft show is done (you can even come at the end of the craft show that day...) your prints will be ready for pickup. There will be no shipping cost to you and you get some BIG sizes for not a lot of money!! Take a look at the prices below:
16x20-$20 each
11x14- $8 each
8x10-$3 each
5x7- $2 each
4x6-$1 each
(I would love to have one or two of these to show!)
I will be taking orders though the end of September and will place my BIG order of everyone's prints at the beginning of October to ensure I get them all back, framed and ready to go. So if you are interested....please let me know via
Have a great week!

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