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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

H Family...Introducing Baby Easton! #3...Baby Easton. Did I mention that ALL 3 of these babies that I blogged today were all born on the same day.....9/9/09!! How cool is that! They were all induced that day and I got text after text within about 3 hours of each other all announcing their births!!! Mr. Easton hung in there and waited out the rain for 2 weeks for his session. BUT...we finally got it done!!! Talk about fun....two under the age of 1...makes for a very interesting session. Luckly, I have known this family for over a year now and we have become friends so Emery (BIG sister) atleast knows me!!! Mr. Easton was of course sooooo adorable and just perfect as well. We tried SOOOO hard to get a GOOD picture of him and his big sister......that was just crazy! We got a few but we will try again and again until we get it perfect! We just had to laugh....Big Sister wanted nothing to do with it! :) She was much more interested in all the good stuff to play with. The last two pictures I had to throw into the blog......Emery is my famous (yes...famous..she is in magazines!!) baby in the bowl. So....I put the bowl down to get Easton ready and she climbed in. WOW...what a difference a year makes! :)
So bittersweet! Thanks H Family....see you guys soon!
Big Sister her newborn session 1 year ago!!!
And one year the same bowl!!

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