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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ms. C......a FUN 3 month old!

There is a sterotype on 3 month olds. They are usually a very difficult age to photograph because they are in a "inbetween" stage of newborn and learning to sit up...etc. BUT...this little girl blew that sterotype right out of the water. Her mom wanted a mommy and me session and we got a lot of super cute shots on the backdrop and in her nursery. Then....then little C did what every photographer dreams about...she FELL ASLEEP! The type of sleep that you can do whatever you want to them and they don't move. So...we did just that...we played! We could have gone all day but I had to call it quits and go pick up my little one. While I was downloading her session, I also had just recieved a lot of new items for editing. So.....I played with some of them. You be the you like them? Too much? Of course, mom gets all the original edited pictures on her cd and these are just extras. I think I like them. Still learning how to play with them but I think what we were using as works. You tell me!

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Heather---LOVE that chair! Is it yours? If so, can we use it in our shoot in Oct?!

Love the editing, too!