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**Chunky Monkey Photography was voted into the top 4 for Best Family Photographer in 2009**
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

H Family...Introducing Baby Easton! #3...Baby Easton. Did I mention that ALL 3 of these babies that I blogged today were all born on the same day.....9/9/09!! How cool is that! They were all induced that day and I got text after text within about 3 hours of each other all announcing their births!!! Mr. Easton hung in there and waited out the rain for 2 weeks for his session. BUT...we finally got it done!!! Talk about fun....two under the age of 1...makes for a very interesting session. Luckly, I have known this family for over a year now and we have become friends so Emery (BIG sister) atleast knows me!!! Mr. Easton was of course sooooo adorable and just perfect as well. We tried SOOOO hard to get a GOOD picture of him and his big sister......that was just crazy! We got a few but we will try again and again until we get it perfect! We just had to laugh....Big Sister wanted nothing to do with it! :) She was much more interested in all the good stuff to play with. The last two pictures I had to throw into the blog......Emery is my famous (yes...famous..she is in magazines!!) baby in the bowl. So....I put the bowl down to get Easton ready and she climbed in. WOW...what a difference a year makes! :)
So bittersweet! Thanks H Family....see you guys soon!
Big Sister her newborn session 1 year ago!!!
And one year the same bowl!!

Happy 1st Birthday Princess!

Windy, fussy baby, stalled car (with mom in it!), no juice and a dad who was REALLY trying!!!...those are all the things that were incorprated into this session. When I first spoke with this mom, she had been cancelled on by another photographer 2-3 times for her daughters 1st birthday session. So....when she called to book, we jumped right on it and scheduled her session right away. Then, we had to reschedule due to she ended up going out of town with her daddy. Finally, on the day of the session....all the above happened! I felt so bad because there was nothing I could do to make things better....except to continue to click! These type of situations are what proves 100% over what patience provides to you!! We ended up with No wind, happy baby, mom and aunt arriving...with water and a very tired daddy......but the best part is.....we ended up with some great pictures!! Happy 1st Birthday Princess! Thank you mom and dad for sticking in there with me!

Sweet Baby Kaden!

Baby Number #2....Sweet Baby Kaden. I do not know what it is with me and baby boys.....September was full of BOYS!! October will bring me all girls! But, not only did I have all boys.....they were ALL VERY AWAKE! Kaden was no exception to this rule. BUT, he did GREAT!!! Only cried when he really needed to! His mom and dad are great and they make a beautiful family! Kaden's cousin Jake came over to get a few shots with his cousin. I am sooo excited about some of Jake's pictures too because he SMILED at me! This past year of pictures with Jake, he was saving all those smiles for me....and he unleashed them all during this session. It was great! He was a super good sport and I love the picture with him and Kaden together!
Thanks mom and dad (and grandma and aunt alisha)......
I had fun and can't wait to see you guys again very soon!!!

Logan= Sweetness!

Babies Babies Babies!!! That pretty much sums up my SEPTEMBER! I love it! After all the rain decided to move out of here, I finally got to meet Baby Logan. Talk about sweetness. He was perfect! I could move him about (with him awake at that!!!), twist, stretch, etc! Mom and Dad wanted to get a picture of baby/dads hands.....this turned out to be a struggle, obviously Logan was wanting to keeping those amazing little fingers to himself for a bit more time. After some prying, we got what I think is a precious memory! And, dad is a huge basketball fan so we thought we would incorporate that into the session. Mom and Dad, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives! He is precious and I can't wait to see you guys again soon!!!

Why do we need toys when we have coathangers???!!

The best thing about beautiful children is that smiles or no smiles....they are still beautiful!!!!! That stands soooo true for this little one who kept most of her smiles to herself. She did grace us with a few during her session. The funny part was once we were done and gathering everything up to leave....she grabbed one of her coat hangers.....and thought it was the BEST thing in the world. Her mom and I just started laughing and I grabbed my camera back out of my bag. This first picture is her look of "don't even think of taking this away!!" was so cute! Thanks mom and dad for coming out for the morning and I hope you enjoy your pictures!!!
She is a cutie!!

This last look would say it all......."Are we done?".

The funny part is this was one of the first pictures! :)

Not so baby...Ms. K is 6 months!!!!

As promised (and apologies for this not being sooner!!!!) for Ms. K's mom!! Here is a sneak peek from the WET, HUMID yet fun and adorable 6 month session for Ms. K. This was during the week of ALL the rains and floods. We got up that morning and there was no wet stuff falling from the sky so we decided to go for it! We never once got rained on but man, everything was just WET WET WET. Ms. K did not care one bit! She did great! There were TONS of sweet baby bottom shots but I am saving all those for just mom and dad! I am excited and so glad to be a part of watching Ms. K grow up!! See you guys in a few months!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

**BEST FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER** Tomorrow is the last day to nominate!!

**Tomorrow is the last day to nomiate/vote for Chunky Monkey Photography for the BEST FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER!!! There has to be atleast 50 nominations/votes to be in the finals! Thank you for everyone who has voted/nominated and thank you to those who will!!!**
This past Wednesday I was notified of some AWESOME news!!! Chunky Monkey Photography has been nominated for "Best of the Metroplex Family Choice Award" for the Best Family Photographer! I am so excited and honored to be nominated! (Does that sound cheesy...??) The way this award works is you have to be "nominated" 50 times to be in the FINALS. Nominations are taken online (link below) until September 30th. Those who make the finals, voting will take place in October & November and the winner will be announced in December! If you have a moment, please click on the logo below and it will take you to the nomination page. There are a few ways to nominate someone and it will explain it all on the webpage. I am not sure who the individual(s) are that nominated me to begin with, but THANK YOU!! It is exciting to work so hard and have so much fun at what I be included in something like this! Thank you to everyone who "votes/nominates? Chunky Monkey Photography!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trains, Ducky and Jesus Loves This Baby!

Rainy days are good for two things: watering my yard for free and catching up on ALL editing (except for the two weddings from this past weekend that are calling my name!). I even edited the session from YESTERDAY!! And I am sooo glad I got to do that today. Mr. P is adorable. He likes to be "selective" with his smiles. He knows how to work the crowd. He had dad jumping up and down and mom twirling like a ballernia for all the smiles. But....we laughed, had a great time and I think got some awesome shots. Now....again...I was having a lot of fun with my new editing tools.....but I think this session was just calling for them! :)

2010 SENIORS!!!!!!!!

2010 SENIORS!!! ITS TIME!!!! Contact me TODAY to schedule your Senior Pictures. We can go anywhere in the DFW area that is "YOU". Bring anything that represents you to the session! As many outfits as you want for the 1-2 hour session. Mom and Dad are invited to! :) Want to do your Senior Pictures with your best a double session and do them together!! How fun would that be!
2010 Seniors Package: $150
1-2 hour session
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